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Some Programming stuff, -A bit outdated...

Anyone familiar with Xbiff? It's a nifty little utility for those running X-windows, that alerts you when new mail arrives. For those who use the ordinaryMS crap i decided to build winbiff which does the same in windows. It uses either POP3 or IMAP to communicate with your mailserver, and pops up a small messagebox when new mail arrives. You also have the possibility to configure winbiff so that when you dissmiss the popup, you have the possibility to launch your favourite mailreader. If your mailprogram supports using username, password etc on the commandline, you can use variables instead of making them visible when opening the config settings messagebox. Typically a commandline would look something like: C:\Mail\Mail.exe user=%u@%s:%po password=%p %u expands to the username you have entered, %p to your password (which is hidden), %po to the port and %s to the servername. The only really useful variable is %p since you can fill in the rest yourself, but i made them available anyway. To install the program, extract the contents of the zip to a suitable directory, set up a shortcut to the executable and put it in your Startup folder. The configuration dialog should pop up the first time the program starts. After configuration the program will be minimized to the systray and stay minimized until new mail arrives. Sourcecode for the application will be made available soon.

WinBiff version 1.0

If you feel a bit lonely when staying up late coding windows apps, you might want to download this little app. Winteddy by Claudio Felber needed a bit of training to keep away from the taskbar...

NISGina is a program to make it possible to use the accounts on a UNIX system to validate logon on a Windows NT 4.0 System if the UNIX system uses NIS. Please observe that NIS+ is NOT supported in this version.

Gernot Bauer's and my version with enhanced functionality can be downloaded here. It includes setup and configuration program. Might be a bit outdated...

 Version 1.02.1

Debugversion 1.02.0

My favourite Links...Sort of...:

Search Quick access to Google, Northern Light etc.
The FTP Server, mostly NetBSD stuff.
User Friendly - The Daily Static, "In every industry there are specific archetypes that are familiar to all who work within its infrastructure. The cast of User Friendly may or may not have individuals who are archetypes..." Recognize the style of any of your workmates...?
Log in to the Web based Mailsystem
And of course NetBSD the best OS there is...
Some useful PHP Example Scripts.

Friends sites on the web:

Sofia Höglunds site with lots of Star Wars stuff. Really nice site!
Michael Kukat runs There you can find lot's of good information on Digital's VAX computers, as well as a lot of other stuff.

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